• 24_styleframes_conceptA_FR00_v001
  • 24_styleframes_conceptA_FR01_v001
  • 24_styleframes_conceptA_FR02_v001
  • 24_styleframes_conceptA_FR03_v001
  • 24_styleframes_conceptA_FR04_v001
  • 24_styleframes_conceptB_FR01
  • 24_styleframes_conceptB_FR02
  • 24_styleframes_conceptB_FR05_v004
  • 24_styleframes_conceptA_FR01_A_v008
  • 24_styleframes_conceptA_FR02_A_v008
  • 24_styleframes_conceptA_FR03_A_v008
  • 24_styleframes_conceptA_FR06_A_v008
  • 24_styleframes_conceptA_FR05_A_v008


Art Direction : Client Based

Created at Ntropic. 

Pitch Design | Art Direction. 

Personal Designs | Pitch Frames Awarded Project. 

Utilizing Octane for C4D I was able to produce 2 personal concepts for the pitch. Concept A,
and a second variation Concept B.
Both being chosen by Client which led to Art Directing the promos and opening sequence. 

Concept A (Presented First) was the chosen direction and Concept B (Presented Second) was close, but A presented a closer feel the show director was going for. Final frames show further direction landing to the show titles. 

C4D. Octane for C4D. AE. AI. PSD.