[ BOT ] : Genesis 1|1

Bot is the Genesis that I had intended on releasing / creating almost two years ago when I received my invite for Foundation. 
I then got hired as Executive Creative Director for building Motion department in Nomad in LA, and I no longer had the time I once did.

Fast forward >>>

BOT is finally seeing life and the light of others monitors.  

BOT has gained some traction as winning 2nd place in The NFT Magazine Public Vote contest. For Crypto Art Begins physical book and first to be minted for the live book print / NFT on Nifty Gateway. Went live on Oct 17th. 

BOT was shown at Superchief Gallery in LA at the same time voting was going on, and had a sold out minting for the Superchief showing on OBJKT. 

*Still in last segments for production and audio production.