Creative Direction

Director | Executive Creative Director |Initial Design Direction : Pitch 2019

Initial Director's treatment in 2019, which was the early preliminary phases of the Cadillac EV video concepts. Ideated after early scripts entitled Intuitively Yours, to which the product was yet to be launched, and still in various dev phases. The Direction and UI development ended up with a "Pencil's Down". As it gave the team from Cadillac new ways to consider their display UI design in the EV, and how to think about this new technology. 

Director's Treatment | Visual Direction Approach
Showcasing an abstract representation of core technology, the very essence of molecular DNA integration, becoming one with the vehicle, and ultimately the driver. An abstract linear progression from conceptual to production approach for in camera shots. 

Credits :
CKHMOD : Directors Treatment / Design Direction 
June Kim : Art Direction Concept 01 & 02