Creative Direction

Creative Director | Design : Pitch 2019
GTB | Wunderman (Austin)
Worked directly with GTB/ Wunderman on the looks and concepts for this pitch.
I was able to bring a few concepts to the table and is shown in the Environmental Concept / Outdoor Concept. 
Creative Directed / Designed a pitch for presentation for 30 sec spot. That would be accompanied with cut downs in mind.
Designed deck to be accommodated in a tier pricing set up per concept. 
Environmental : Create new ways that Dell hasn't been presented and still showcase features. *(images 1 - 4) 
Macro *(images 5 - 6)
Outdoor *(images 6 - 7)
Surfaces *(images 8 - 9)
Ideated Project Concepts, Looks and Treatment. Writing and all language per concept.
Presentation of initial deck.