Drema : AI Short Film Uncommon Gallery Seoul


The moment when one slips from theta sleep and get's lost in dreamy reverie.
"Drema" : AI short film exhibited at Uncommon Gallery - Seoul 2023.
*Preview Drema : Full Res Here*
DREMA : Full Res Film

Showcasing  "What Dreams May Come" co-curated by Superchief | June Redthread | Aeon Studio.
I was honored to speak opening night about my background, my approach, and history of working in Ai for the past 3 years. 
Partnering June K from 528 Lab with Ai Network and Uncommon Gallery for the week of Seoul Frieze 2023. This led to the curated collaboration with Superchief Gallery, Aeon Studio, and June K.
Featuring top Ai creatives globally in this uniquely exhibition focusing on text to prompt short films. 

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