eBay : Uncommon ft. Buff Monster

Creative Direction

Creative Direction | Initial Design Direction 
Jamming with the Jackson Tisi & the Los York crew on this one was seriously blast. In the latest long form installment of Uncommon Collections, street artist, Melty Misfits creator, and avid Garbage Pail Kids collector, Buff Monster, takes us inside his studio to explore his favorite cards and artwork, and preview his upcoming collaboration with eBay.
Most of the work showing here was more created for the Directors Cut. As we powered through the series of shots, everything seem to fall into place, and it gave us an opportunity to explore some ideas we had at the beginning of the creative briefs. 

Credits : 
Director: Jackson Tisi
Executive Creative Director: Seth Epstein
Executive Producer: Leticia Gurjao
EP/Accounts: Melina Osornio
Head of Production: Mariel Sands
Talent Coordinator: Jade Fuller
Producer: Luigi Rossi
Production Supervisor: Franceso Rizzo
Production Coordinator: Sasha Abed
DP: Minka Farthing Kohl
1st AC: Sachi Bahra
DIT: Ray Levé
VTR: Thomas Servidone
Location Sound Mixer: Sam Stevenson
Truck PA: Tyrone Gibson
Truck PA: Leon Derriey
Set Medic: Edva Pace
Creative Director: Chadwick Halbritter
Producer: David Thomas
Editor: Matt Schaff
Assistant Editor: Abbey Chaus
Animator: Geoff Ciccarelli
Animator: Ajan Singam
Compositor: Danny Lebica
Colorist: Kath Raisch and Company 3
Composer: Gavin Brivik
Sound Design & Mix: Raphaël Ajuelos
System Engineer: Sid Bedi