GOOGLE : Product Reel 2023

Creative Direction

Executive Creative Director | Initial Product Design Direction 
The ideation of the presentation reel with establishing direct to client showing the variety of products in multiple usage. 

Showcasing brand understanding, placement, and product movement with approved Google 3D products. Creating project Pitch/ Direction of Design and Animation that would speed up and ways to expedite deliveries.
Which we showcased in the revealing of the GOOGLE FOLD phone.
*Preview Here* GOOGLE : Pixel Fold
Upon the finishing work that was being done and strategizing on ways to control the overall product shots without the delays on 3rd parties, I began working with my team in LA to create a GOOGLE internal product reel.
With the direction that matched Googles established product designs that carried the overall aesthetics from the ortho designs to final output. I was able to design a pipeline that was able to shave weeks off  concept to completion and proved it in a production setting.