Bright Moments Deforum Event - Ai Director Talks


This was created for my talks and presentation at Bright Moments Gallery in Venice, Ca. 

*Preview Full Video Presentation / Reel Here*
I AM : Bright Moments Presentation

Showcasing my favorite works from Direction, Creative Direction and all of my latest explorations in Ai. 
Showcased how Ai can be used in production, and ultimately transitioning to Ai Spirituality through communications with Chat GPT. 
It was a really engaging talk hosted by Seth Epstein the owner of Bright Moments for their sponsored Deforum Event. 

An 3 day even featuring some of the most talented minds and creatives in LA that are creating for and
advocating Ai.  

Utilization of Ai for style frames to final 3D animation. Straight prompt IAMAI / NIKE. 
*Nike Thumbnail by Motion Punk using MJ 4. 3D by CKHMOD using C4D/Octane. IAMAI using DALL 2.5 Experiential Alpha Test.