Art Direction : Client Based


I was asked by Jake Ferguson to Art Direct part of this immense project. Started with just exploring characters which were 
not part of the repertoire, I started gaining rhythm in the first opening chapter. Creating production ready made frames I 
was able to turn them over to the Giantstep production team and keep this tight deadline moving forward. It was a grip of 
work and has given me the motivation I need to begin production on my personal endeavors. 

Dive into this mesmerising sequence that explores a narrative masterpiece presenting each artist who joined OFFF Barcelona 2018.

Main Title Sequence : GIANTSTEP

Directed by : Jake Ferguson, Heebok Lee

Producer : Barrett Brown

Editor : Zach Kilroy

Talent : Christiane Shillito (aka Ulorin Vex)

Music and Sound Design : Box of Toys Audio

Houdini Technical Director : Serjan Burlak

Art Direction :  Chadwick Halbritter, Sasha Vinogradova, Carlo Sa, Felix Soletic, Kaya Thomas
Seth Garnes, Eric Keller

Los Angeles Post Production : 
Editor / Post Supervisor: Zach Kilroy
Lead 3D Animation: Woosong Kang
Lead 2D Animation: Seth Garnes
Animation / Design: Jan Sladecko
Pipeline Management: Jean Delaunay
Animation / Design: Gabriel Perez
Animation / Design: Tyler Heacox.  

C4D. Octane for C4D. AE. PSD.