Creative Direction

Executive Creative Director | Initial Design Direction 

I was able to work with Mixi,inc. on this new social media campaign for PIST6 based out of Tokyo. A perfect arena to work closely with their team. This led to my directing a "proof of concept" on how this would be shot, designed, animated and then implemented to final screen projections. End result being captured in camera. All cutdowns stemmed from initial HD spot.
BTS | Design Process Video
Creating high energy motion particle concept designs, running it all through a 3D camera rig allowed me to flawlessly communicate and work seamlessly with onsite Director Shinri Abe. We were able to test our looks directly with the crew in Tokyo and set up a work flow that was easier to execute during shoot time. 
Utilized previous directorial skill sets, creative direction, and my concept to completion approach; we were able to capture the excitement and energy in camera. 
This allowed us to add more visuals to encompass the rider; creating an immersive viewing experience.  

Design Process :