Art Direction : Client Based

Title Design / Pitch

Pitch Awarded
Created at Imaginary Forces

One of my favorites... This project was refreshing to not just work in the usual 3D work flow, but to go abstract|graphic. Working with Creative Director Tosh Kodama, and coming up with a direction based after client meeting. I was able to explore optional directions that I was discovering through the process. This was exploratory in every aspect. I knew the result would be 3D similar to previous directions, but the clients liked the approach. Which became integrated into the final overall title treatment.

Creative Director: Tosh Kodama
Head of Production: Franceska Bucci
Producers: Sunny Sattari, Maggie Robinson
CG Supervisor: Daesun Hwang
Storyboard Artist: Gordon Kljucec
Designers: Chadwick Halbritter, Daveion Thompson, Grace Kang, Kaya Thomas, Kris Fortin, Tosh Kodama, Gabriel Perez
Animators: Roy Cullen, Val Sinlao, Jake Ferguson, Daesun Hwang
3D Artists: Alejandro Robledo, Val Sinlao, Sam Cividanis, Daesun Hwang
Compositors: Fred Huelar, Jacob Ferguson, Daesun Hwang, Claudia Yi Leon
Graphics Editor:
 Zach Kilroy
Trailer Editorial: Rogue Planet