My duties were to Direct this entire campaign. I worked with the Korean team of URS, Wrote the Search scripts, Design Directed, Art Directed, Animated, worked with amazing talent for VO / Audio SFX, and publicly spoke for promotions. Below are highlights which will ultimately be my first CKHMOD | URS Case Study. 

URS (pronounced “Yours”) is a revolutionary new PFP collectible created by a global team based in Korea, and the US. The team is comprised of high level 3d specialists, illustrators, concept artists, creative directors, and experienced developers, and through a long planning and deliberation process, the storyline, roadmap, and aesthetic was determined over a period of months earlier this year, and the project NFT release generated 88ETH in it's first two days upon release.

URS : SEARCH was a follow up to that momentum, and like most NFT PFP projects, the momentum had to endure. I devised a Social Media campaign and pitched it to the members of the team. The ultimate goal was to create a Social Media campaign, while the team in Korea worked diligently on what would become a "free" drop for those who collected the initial URS. The Companions. 
Running the Social Media aspect I was able to utilize a team globally. We were able to keep our posts running efficiently, and brining on a few animators after the initial teaser, we managed to keep the fan base engaged, and opened a new market to potential collectors.
I devised a small sub plot and contest called "Search" to accompany the original story of URS by Emma Park. URS, which naming was created by June Kim, are robots created by humans to search the surface of a highly toxic war torn planet As humans have now been forced to live underground due the planets conditions. The contest / campaign begins when the humans figured out a way to connect with a few working satellites. Upon this they begin to learn about a few projects that existed and could aid in their further survival. These projects were to be "Companions" the initial URS robots. So the contest was born into a social media campaign where prizes were given, and Rare NFT's were created as well. All content was initial HD, and 1x1 Social Cut Downs for PFP Aspect Ratios.

In this campaign, we were able to bring on a new fan base, generate the floor price back up to 1.5 ETH over asking price, and not sleep for a few months.
Was it worth it?
The year is 2133 :

CKHMOD : Giveaways 1.0 
I decided to do a public hello and a random interaction with the Discord community. I re fashioned the URS robot into a 2001 : A Space Odyssey which I created in the aim of making the content high end.
**The URS robot was initially concepted by Evil Lady and the 3D by Autumn**
This started the initial hype to the Social Campaign with the classic URS PFP pose. 

The 3 Companions were set to be located in 3 locations globally and the viewers had to watch the Social Media content for clues to put together a set of coordinates that would aid in the finding of these new Companions. This is insight unto how my thought process works for projects of this scale accompanied with detailed story telling aspects. 

Companions Contest Examples : 
I took the 3D geometry of Companions and Designed, Animated, Texture, Lighting, and final Composites for the contest. Created Schematic designs, and a variety of content to provide for contest winners.